2024 5K Celebration of Life - Ocean Grove

Team Hailey

Welcome to Team Hailey!

We are so excited to say that Team Hailey is back! This year is our teams SIXTH involvement in the NJ Sharing Network's 5K Celebration of Life! The 5K Celebration of Life allows Team Hailey to come together with other donor families and recipients to honor, remember, and give hope through donation. This is our favorite time of the year - to honor Hailey in such a fun and unique way!

Who is Hailey? What is her story?

Hailey was an energetic and good-hearted teenager. She was best known for her contagious smile and laughter. Hailey had a tremendous number of friends who loved her and miss her dearly, as well as her family. One of Hailey's dreams in life was to join the Air Force after high school to become a surgeon. She wanted to save lives.

On May 23, 2017, Hailey was in a horrific car accident that ultimately took her life. Hailey had the rare, but most amazing opportunity to become an Organ and Tissue Donor, to save and enhance the lives of many. After her passing, her organs were donated to the NJ Sharing Network. Thinking of Hailey's dream, her family thought what better way to make her dream come true than to save lives through donation. Because of Hailey's amazing gifts, she was able to save five lives through Organ Donation, and has/will continue to give those a better quality of life through Tissue and Bone Donation.

Hailey's family had the amazing opportunity to speak and meet with two of her organ recipients. It is the most wonderful feeling to them knowing that one of Hailey's organs has saved the life of another.

A Thankful Note to You:

We are so incredibly thankful that you have decided to join, or contribute, to our team! By joining Team Hailey, you are choosing to be a part of something so big. You are choosing to come together with Hailey's friends, family, and all that knew and loved her, to honor such a beautiful girl gone too soon. We come together as this team to raise awareness for Organ and Tissue Donation - "To Honor, To Remember, To Give Hope."

Because of the NJ Sharing Network, spreading awareness of Organ and Tissue Donation has become a huge part of our lives. We would love to encourage all those who join to become an advocate for Organ and Tissue Donation. Because of the NJ Sharing Network, organ and tissue donation is possible, and because of the 5K Celebration of Life, we are able to honor and remember the beautiful lives who gave and received the Gift of Life. Hailey continues to live in spirit through her friends and family. Each new day comes with Honoring and Remembering this precious soul and beautiful Angel.

Event Date: Saturday, May 18, 2024

Event Location: Ocean Grove, New Jersey


Please sign up for Team Hailey and walk with us in honor of Hailey's life. If you cannot walk with us, please consider making a donation to Team Hailey. As always, proceeds go to the Sharing Network Foundation.

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